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Few days ago I’ve relaunched ensaladas rosario. Briefly it is a food store specialised in salads, my brother is in charge of it. The original site was made on September 2012, real fast since the micro enterprise was opened. So about 2 weeks ago I had time to redo it. Some of the requirements were: Full responsive, Html5, Base on bootstrap, No back end, Facebook integration, Google Analytics and high performance.

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lacasona sreenshot

I was working on an small site for a friend that is running in hostel business. La Casona De Hobby is a dormitory placed near 2 universities in rosario. Few days ago the site went live and a lot of visitors were seeing it, hopefully. Here are some development notes I’ve taken.

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Starting a new year, I’ve decided to start writing post in English. Personally, the decision came as an learning process, I try to learn and put in practice the language so here I go, hope you can understand the words I write :)

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Suppose you have the followin object or hash

def myObject = [
  my: [
    nested: [
      property: [
        foo: 'bar',
        baz: 'bax'

And you want to read the ‘’ property, using the inject() method in groovy you can achieve this in only one line

  .inject(myObject) { obj, prop -> 
  } // return 'bar'